Plate Heat Exchanger Parts & Sales

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DraCool USA’s extensive line of manufactured parts offers proven performance at affordable prices. We offer replacement parts for all makes and models of Plate Heat Exchangers and can provide you with OEM parts and/or equivalent parts to meet your needs. We specialize in the food and beverage industry; however, we do work with other industries as well.

To view more information about our heat exchanger plates, gaskets and units, please click the links below.

DraCool offers much more than just heat exchanger replacement parts. We also have comprehensive services including refurbished plates, heat exchanger installation and our plate pack exchange program. We understand the need to be proactive to help minimize down time for your plate heat exchangers (PHEs). Click here learn more about our maintenance and consulting services.

If you have a major issue or a complex situation, feel free to give us a call to talk to one of our expert technicians. Otherwise, you can request a quote online.