Heat Exchanger Plate Cleaning Process

It should come as no surprised that your heat exchanger plates need proper cleaning and care from time to time. As we covered in this previous post, there are many important potential downfalls of a heat exchanger that is not properly taken care of – especially in the food and beverage industry!

Knowing that maintenance is important, DraCool has developed and extensive refurbishment / cleaning process to ensure that your heat exchanger plates are in good working order.

Typically, it all starts when our customers notice decreased flow rates and heat transfer loss in their plate and frame heat exchanger. This usually means that the plates are dirty and fouled from use. To get these plates back to optimal performance, we have developed the below process.


Dirty PlatesStep 1: Plate Processing

Once we receive the dirty plate packs at one of our facilities, they are logged into our system prior to processing. (The image on the left shows an example of what dirty plates look like before they’ve gone through our thorough cleaning service.)



Workers cleaning platesStep 2: Plate Cleaning

After going through our initial processing, we use non-abrasive cleaning solutions to remove any product buildup and water deposits. This cleaning process usually involves several rounds of cleaning. Between each round, the plates are professionally power washed to remove the dirt and grime.


Dye TestingStep 3: Plate Testing 

Once cleaned, the plates are ready for our dye penetrant test to ensure that there are no cracks or pinholes. This step is very important as even the smallest of holes can cause contamination, resulting in costly downtime.



clean plates ready for shipmentStep 4: Plates Returned

Once the plates have successfully gone through our testing process, new gaskets are installed. If an adhesive is required, the plates are then oven-cured to ensure a solid bond and superior seal. They go through a final round of inspection and then are packaged and returned to the customer! (The left image shows what our plates look like after they’ve been cleaned, inspected and ready for shipment.)


Usually our plate cleaning process takes 1-2 weeks from the time we get the plates to the time they are shipped back to the customer. If you are interested in having your plates properly cleaned, please contact us via phone or our contact form. You can also learn more on our heat exchanger services page.

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