Plate Pack Exchange Program

DraCool-USA’s Plate Pack Exchange Program is designed for those customers that have minimum down time available or for those sudden breakdowns that require emergency service. DraCool-USA does inventory a number of the more popular plate packs for our Exchange Service product. These plate packs are cleaned, gasketed and ready for immediate installation.

The process is quite simple:

  1. A customer contacts one of our service centers and requests an exchange pack. We encourage our customers to do this as far in advance as possible so a plate pack can be reserved for them. Once a schedule is established the plate pack is shipped to the customer. If the DraCool-USA team is exchanging the plate pack it goes with the team to save shipping costs.
  2. The customer must furnish a list of plates needed along with plates and gasket information. Customer is than invoiced for the exchange plates shipped.
  3. Within two weeks, customer returns their used plates to DraCool. The returned plates are then inspected and tested. If the DraCool-USA team is exchanging the pack, the soiled plates are returned to our factory by our team.
  4. The returned plates are cleaned and checked using a fluorescent dye for holes, pinholes, and cracks. The good plates are gasketed and returned to the exchange inventory.
  5. The customer is invoiced per plate if any of the following occurs:
    • Customer fails to return their used plates.
    • Customer’s returned plates are a different material than ordered and shipped.
    • Customer’s returned plates fail the fluorescent penetrant test and/or a visual inspection for excessive wear or pitting, holes or cracks.

The pricing for these issues vary depending on the type and material of the plate. The specific costs will be negotiated with the customer before the project is started.