On-site Plate Swap

DraCool-USA is a Full Service Plate Heat Exchanger company. As part of our product inventory we offer our customers comprehensive on-site service of their plate heat exchangers (PHE). DraCool-USA will send a team of our professionally trained PHE technicians to open their PHE, remove all the plates and return the plate pack to our facility for refurbishment.

Once the plates are refurbished we will return them to the site and re-install the plate pack. We will carefully ensure that the plate pack is configured properly and each plate correctly aligned. As part of the installation process we close the unit to manufacturer’s specifications. This is a very highly pressurized closing process. In the larger units this requires specialized hydraulic tools. DraCool-USA does provide a hydraulic closing system for closing these larger units.

Our install team is professionally equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to properly remove and install our customer’s plates packs. They are trained in the OSHA required safety procedures.

Some Options to DraCool-USA’s On-Site Service:

  1. Hydro-Testing: DraCool-USA will Hydro-Test the unit if the customer has the resources. Hydro-testing the unit consists of filling the unit with water one side at a time and them pumping air into the unit pressurizing it and checking for leaks. If both sides pass the pressure test the unit will be ready for operation. Should there be a leak during the testing we will open the unit and resolve the cause of the leak. This process is repeated until both sides pass the Hydro-test.
  2. On-Site Plate Washing: In some cases our customers request that their PHE be totally serviced on site. In some applications the gaskets can be re-used and the plates are not badly soiled. DraCool-USA will remove and wash the plates on-site. This is generally the case where the customer is doing periodic cleaning or down time is so limited that the plates can not be sent for refurbishment.
  3. On-Site Gasket Replacement: In some cases the customer requires that the plates be washed and the gaskets replaced on site. Depending on the PHE type, the gaskets to be used and the product passing through the PHE this process may be difficult or unrealistic. DraCool-USA will analyze each case and advise the customer of risks involved before continuing with this process.
  4. Emergency Service: DraCool-USA does provide on-site washing services as a 24×7 emergency product.